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Best Cages For Parrot – Full Comparison

After several hours of research and comparisons, I found you the 6 best cages for parrots 2019, from a selection of 25 cages. I have a strong preference for Giantex, which I particularly like for its elegance, its space, its garbage collector, as well as for its locking system, which prevents the birds from playing the girls of the air. You will also find a shopping guide at the end of the article, to read important points before buying a parrot cage for your adorable companion.

List of Best Cages For Parrot 2019

NameRatingMain Feature Price

1. Vision 2
4.3Large space and well-conceived perches Check Price

2. Yaheetech
4.1Elegant design Check Price

3. Montana San Diego
3.5Smart lock Check Price

4. Prevue Hendryx F040
4.2Waste drawer, topped with a grate Check Price

5. Giantex
4.0Robust and very stable Check Price

6. Prevue Hendryx Hammertone
4.32 drawers & Double lock Check Price

The best cheap parrot cages

Bird cages for individuals, we find at all prices … But for parrots medium size, it’s more complicated. Nevertheless, I have found two cages that will delight those on a small budget.

Vision 2: the best cheap step


This cage is a little more expensive than the Yaheetech, being around 80 $. It is also intended to accommodate canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, small parrots or other small exotic birds.

This cage has been designed to make your job easier and to give maximum comfort to your bird.

In terms of dimensions, we are in a cage of 61 out of 38, for a height of 88 cm, which is already not bad in terms of a place for your boarder. Be aware however that there is also a smaller 55cm in height if you find it is too big or you can simply remove the top part, to make a smaller cage!

Yes, this cage is quite well thought out, because it is modular: assuming you already have a Vision 2, but in a smaller format, just buy the same and merge to get a bigger cage!

This is ideal when you go from one to two birds, for example, because it gives them enough space to have fun and move without their tails and wings touching the edges of the cage. Very practical, therefore!

The cage is made of iron, for the bars and the grid located above the tray, and green plastic for all the other parts, which includes the base with drawer, which is transparent, the perches, the feeders, the 2 protections anti-splash, as well as small fasteners. The cage is also very stable, thanks to the small rubberized feet located below, so no risk of seeing it switch without warning.

What I particularly like is that the bars are horizontal, which allows the parrot to grab or climb more easily. In addition, the doors swing inward as well as outward, in short, a small, welcome platform so that the parrot can perch on it or go out and return as it pleases.

The transparent base is quite nice because it allows us to see the birds, even when they are at the bottom of the cage … On the other hand, the side that is less, it is that you will not see that your birds, and that is immediately much less aesthetic.

And no, there is no drawer droppings, as in many birdcages, but with a little method, you will manage to clean the cage in no time, and without hindering in the least your protege!

Well, comfort question, your bird will be served, but without making him a pasha! All the perches are different, I explain: you see the small cavities? Well, it is these small cavities that differ from one perch to another, forcing your bird to take hold and allowing him to work a little finger.

In addition, they are placed almost 15 cm from the edge, so that sir (or miss) does not see his tail rub against the bars, which is really well thought out. The feeders, for their part, are in the bottom of the cage and are surmounted by a small anti-waste system that prevents droppings and other things from falling into the feeders.

The instructions are very clear, so that the assembly could not be simpler: we clip the four panels on the tray, then the top of the cage, and basta! The tray is equipped with two hooks to hang the panels to the tray, which also facilitates the cleaning of the cage.

  • Affordable price
  • modular
  • Large space and well-conceived perches
  • No drawer


Yaheetech: an elegant cage for not too expensive


Yaheetech offers us here a large aviary on wheels that is perfect for canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, small parrots such as conures or other small exotic birds. Do not opt for this cage if you decide to move your cockatoo or your Ara Hyacinthe, it would feel really cramped!

The cage is rather large, but taller than wide, with 92 height for 46 widths, and 150 height when placed on the cart with wheels. It is a reasonable size to house small parrots, who will be happy to have fun, in their little “home”.

It is surmounted, as a bonus, a handle of transport, but I must confess that I would prefer to move it with the help of the rollers than to carry the cage. It must be said that it is easy to move the cage when you have wheels that turn 360 degrees!

In terms of materials, the cage is made from iron, with rather thin vertical bars spaced about a cm, which, visually, I like a lot, because it is classic while remaining elegant.

We also note that the cage has 2 large doors, each with a smaller door, and 4 side doors (with plastic feeders), which is great and very practical, especially when you want to prevent your feathered friend from getting the trunk while you give her treat …

You may want to have extra security on the main doors, as it seems that some, in fact, little rogues, have found a way to open the cage by themselves! This is the only downside I would find in the cage, which is not bad for its price, but it also depends on the degree of fraud of your protege …

Then, outside the bars and the iron structure, there is the tray, which is plastic and which is surmounted by a removable grid, which I find very well because it avoids the bird to land directly in the tray and you will certainly facilitate the cleaning … Also avoiding escapes, over the market!

What I appreciate is the small basket located below the cage, which can store toys or other accessories.

You just need to buy some toys for your bird to hang on one of the 3 perches or swing, a story that makes him feel at home. The feeders are also plastic and they are easy to remove, thanks to the small openings provided for this purpose.

And for the assembly of the cage, still plan an assistant: while one reads the instructions, the other climbs the cage. And then, it will be necessary to be two to understand the instructions a little too vague of the assembly guide.

But with a little elbow grease and logic, you should still be able to mount the new habitat of your dear pensioner!  

  • Affordable price
  • Elegant design
  • Solid and mobile
  • Mounting instructions too vague
  • Some birds could open the cage by themselves


The best mid-range parrot cages

The cages presented in this range, are intended to accommodate several small birds, a parrot of medium size or a large parrot. They are also within range while being stronger than entry-level cages.

Montana San Diego: the best mid-range


Montana cages are fascinating and known for their elegance, ergonomics and rugged solidity. But who says quality, upscale, says the budget to predict based, but hey, when we love, we do not count, is not it?

The Aviary Montana San Diego is perfect for small birds or parakeets, but can also please a conure. She seduced me by its great finesse and elegance, with the small pointed roof that gives it a certain cachet.

It is an aviary rather height than a width (66 x 45 x 145 cm), with very thin horizontal bars, which will please many your finches and your diamonds because it will be easier to catch between two flights!  

The cage is made of metal and the finish of the light gray mesh and platinum gray profiles is particularly neat and features an Avilon powder coating without zinc or heavy metals. Your residents are not likely to get sick, even if they would have fun removing the coating!

It is very aesthetic, in addition to being solid and non-toxic, which I like a lot! But what I also look for its security: birds, especially parrots, very intelligent, understand very quickly how to open the doors.

The system here is well thought out and more elaborate than the closure usually found on birdcages: unlike the Prevue Hammertone (double locking), the Montana San Diego offers a latch that is rotated. The space between the bars, as a bonus, is not enough for your parrot to pass his fingers or beak to operate the mechanism.

You will finally be reassured: your protégé will not take advantage of your absence to make 400 shots! What I also appreciate is that the door can serve as a small platform, which allows the bird, if you let it out, to perch.

The cage is provided with perches and bowls, but we regret the absence of a drinking trough. Well, I must confess that it is enough to place a small container (for small birds) or a trough thereafter, the bird will not see the difference …

There are also smaller doors on the cage to fill the double (plastic) bowls on the perches. These are quite thick and may, therefore, be more suitable for medium-sized birds, at a minimum; but hey, you can always choose more adapted perches (or homemade)!

For cleaning, it’s very simple, you remove the tray. The grid above is removable, but personally, I would leave it to prevent the escape of birds when cleaning the tray.

I must admit, that for the price of this cage, I would have preferred that the cage has a drawer, which would have avoided handling the tray and the grid, at the risk of disturbing the birds … or to see them fly away! A little pity so …

The aviary, rather heavy, can be moved, thanks to its wheels which rotate 360 degrees. The casters are sturdy and still good, to support the weight of the cage, with or without birds.

The only downside of this cage: editing. Several people had difficulties during the assembly, because the instructions were not sufficiently detailed or clear: the letters indicated on the images and plans are not carried over to the parts, which can transform very quickly the assembly in a pretty frustrating puzzle. Get help with editing, it will make your life easier!

  • Service title
  • Smart lock
  • elegant
  • No trash drawer or trough
  • Assembly instructions not very clear


Prevue Hendryx F040: a spacious aviary


The F040 from Prevue Hendryx, a model of the brand specializing in cages and accessories for pets, makes us think of an aviary, it’s clear.

The cage is intended to accommodate small parrots, canaries and parakeets (many preferably). You will notice that the cage is big enough and imposing in size, which could displease you a little, but it will please a lot for your feathered friends, that’s for sure!

The cage that I present to you here is the wide version, which measures 78.7 on 52.1 cm, for 134.6 of height. If you want even bigger, to accommodate an extra parrot or a large parrot, for example, know that there is an XL version (94 x 58.4 x 152.4 cm).

In short, you have plenty of room for your bird and arrange his little home!

The cage is wrought iron, with a coating of black, solid so! The bars of the cage are vertical, with regular intervals a horizontal bar, and spaced a centimeter, allowing all the birds (canaries like parrots) to hang safely.

I strongly discourage you from installing very small birds, such as Gould’s Diamonds, Sparrows of Japan or Mandarins, who might run their heads through the bars and get hurt … or even escape!

The cage has two doors, which are on the front of the cage, and small openings near the feeders (4, plastic), which makes it easier for you to fill them. I sincerely regret that there is no special mechanism on the doors, to prevent the parrots from opening them by themselves …

For perches, we stay in basic wood. The birds can land on one of the 3 perches available in the cage, which are still very thick, especially for small birds that need a perch finer!

For my part, depending on the species that we intend to install in this cage, I would adopt the size of the perches to the size of the legs of the bird, to avoid injuries, cysts and other major inconveniences for our feathered friends. Handymen can certainly make them themselves, by the way!

What I like nonetheless in this cage is that you can see the birds at any moment, because there is no ferry obstructing the view! The trash drawer, which is topped with a grid, is quite discreet, but is still present, which is a true advantage.

The cleaning is very simple, as always with cages equipped with drawers! Just pull it, and presto, it’s over. What more?

Practical side too: the casters, of course, as well as the small basket present below the cage. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, so ideal for maneuvering this imposing cage, even if I would just put the cage in one place and move it only to vacuum, but hey, it’s you who see …

The basket is rather large, it is the full width of the cage, which is quite practical if you want to store the toys that your protege scattered around the living room or simply as an additional playground for your bird.

Well, it’s time to edit. The cage is quite simple to assemble, everything is placed properly, but some people will still need a hand to move the cage, because it is quite heavy (like all those wrought iron elsewhere).

  • Robust
  • Waste drawer, topped with a grate
  • Cages L and XL, very large
  • Heavy and imposing


The best cages for high-end parrot

Here we are in the top of the parrot cages. You will have to provide a large budget for these cages, usually in the 300 $, but you know, these cages are very high quality.

Giantex: the best upscale


The cage is especially intended for small parrots, such as conures, or for exotic birds such as lovebirds or parakeets. For large parrots, do not worry, there is a cage similar to this one, bigger: Homey Pet.

Giantex is aesthetically a real gem! Its arched shape and frame give it an impeccable design, which gives a certain charm to an interior, in addition, to please your feathered borders.

The curves of the cages bring softness and attenuate its size and the materials used. The coating paint is quality, does not peel, and includes Avilon powder without zinc or heavy metals, which also ensures some security for your birds!

It is rather big, in the end, with 70 on 55 cm, for 159 cm of height (90 for the interior of the cage), with bars rather thick and space between them of one centimeter. The bars are vertical on the front and back of the cage, and horizontal on the sides, which has the merit of being versatile and reassuring for the birds!

The quality of the Giantex cage is up to the reputation of the brand, thanks to stable and resistant materials that guarantee a long life. At this price, as much keep it as long as possible, and that is really nice for you, but especially for the inhabitants of this cage!

There is the main door, quite large and equipped with a lock system, and small openings for bowls, which are also equipped with a small latch. It is very well thought out, I think because it prevents your bird does not run in English!

Inside the cage, there is only one perch, near which are the two stainless steel bowls. But, the Giantex cage is equipped with a modular roof, which can be opened on the front or on the top!  

In the open position, this cage is transformed into a giant perch in which your bird will enjoy returning, even more, if you install a perch between the two parties.

An extra playground for your bird so!

For cleaning, we find this time a tray, but with trash drawer and protective grid, which announces for you a considerable time saving when you spend a little clean shot in the cage of your furry friend.

The cage is also mounted on wheels, but on very stable and solid feet, which is really reassuring: we would not like the cage to rock!

The casters rotate, as always with this mark, 360 degrees.

The assembly, fortunately, is very easy, even all alone! Everything fits perfectly, but some people will surely appreciate a notice a little better provided than that which accompanies the cage.

In short, a perfect cage for you and your bird!

  • Robust and very stable
  • Neat, curvy design
  • Modular roof and practical openings
  • Waste drawer
  • Assembly instructions not provided enough


Prevue Hendryx Hammertone: an interesting cage


This cage is much more aviary than a conventional cage, you do not find? And since it is available in two sizes, you will be able to benefit as much the parrots of average size as the biggest ones!

The smallest measures about 45.7 on 45.7, for 144.8 cm in height, while the largest measures 61 on 54.6 for 152.4 cm in height. The second is undoubtedly wider than long, but your birds are largely winners because they will be able rather to play in height.

In addition to choosing the size, you can also choose the color: black, cobalt blue, white chalk, jade green, brown coconut, red garnet, sage green, and pewter. You can match the cage to your interior, that’s what I like a lot, even if, personally, I leave more for the color tin, which is more neutral and can, therefore, agree with everything.

The cage is wrought iron, and no longer simple iron as in low-end cages, which ensures not only a certain solidity of the whole, but also a more neat aesthetic, and personalized thanks to the color paint.

The bars are mostly vertical, with regular intervals a horizontal bar, which allows strengthening all the walls, while avoiding a possible clever to pass through the bars.

Some will regret that the cage has only one door, which is not very practical, especially for placing food. But there is a reason for that: to keep your bird safe.

Indeed, the door has a double locking mechanism, which prevents your feathered Houdini from coming out of the cage by itself. I appreciate this kind of mechanisms because I must admit that if I had a parrot, I would not like to come home from work and find the empty cage!  

What I like a lot, in addition to the very elegant aesthetic, is the presence of wheels and a “funnel” anti-waste system at the base of the cage, which means you do not have to go through the days’ broom to pick the hulls of fruits and seeds that you give to your bird. Anything that has a little weight goes directly into the trash drawer!

Let’s talk about this drawer. It is located in the lower part of the cage, just below the system described just before, which makes it very easily accessible and do not worry, your bird is not afraid of falling into the drawer, because a grid separates the rest of the cage from it. It is easier to clean than removing the bird from the cage to empty the tray and no risk of retaliation from the master of the place!

The only place a bit of a nuisance to clean is the underside of the cage, at the level of the drawer bars, which must be wiped from time to time as well. But it’s a minor inconvenience!

The upper part of the cage, optional, the “terrace” of your protégé, with all the necessary equipment for his entertainment, also has a trash drawer, in case he wants to bring something to nibble. That’s good, I think, because a parrot, big or small, likes to get out of his cage and perch somewhere to watch you go about your business.

The assembly is not very complicated, I assure you, but still take the time it takes (30-40 min), especially for the wheels, which are a little difficult to fit with the feet of support. Wrought iron, in addition, is quite heavy, so be careful not to drop anything on your toes!

  • More colors available
  • Platform above the cage
  • 2 drawers for droppings and waste
  • Double lock
  • Heavy



The cage of your parrot, parakeet, the canary is his habitat, his “home”. So you have to choose one that is comfortable, durable, solid, but above all, adapted to the size of your little protégé, in short: a place where he can feel good!

There are cages of all sizes, prices, and materials (iron, wrought iron, plastic). It is up to you to see also the space available in your home because it is certain that the birdcages are quite large and will be much more noticeable than the small cage.

There are, however, several things to consider before buying a cage from your filly resident.

The cage style

There is an incredible number of different forms and principles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. There are 3 types of cages: the “closed”, the “with an open roof”, or the “with platform”.

The closed cage  

It has a closed roof, flat or rounded (dome). This cage is by far the simplest and the cheapest, but it is quite sufficient for a bird that has at its disposal one or more independent play areas.

In addition, the roof can quickly be “decorated” with accessories and toys, precisely because it is closed.

Open cage

This cage opens in two, which allows placing a perch, for the greatest pleasure of your parakeet or parrot, who can when he wants, down in his cage.

Some models also offer a removable platform.

The cage with the platform

The platform is on the roof of the cage and consists of one or more perches. This platform is fixed, and often the parakeet or parrot climbs once out of its cage!

This type of cage is perfect if you do not have other play areas to put at their disposal.

The Size

Each bird, depending on its size, needs a minimum space to live. Preferably, opt for a large cage, more width than height for canaries, and high cages for parrots and parakeets, who love to climb.

To see if the cage is suitable, just see if the wings of your bird are touching the walls of the cage; if so, then you have to go to a bigger cage.

The more space it has to fly, to have fun, the better it will feel, but do not overdo it: putting a canary in a cage for a big parrot will have the opposite effect!

As an indication, for a canary, opt for a 40 x 20 x 30 cm cage (double if it’s a couple); one of 30 x 40 x 50 cm for an inseparable; one of 50 x 70 x 70 cm for a parrot; a 40 x 40 x 45 cm for a couple of small parakeets and a 150 x 50 x 60 cm for a couple of large parakeets.

Medium-sized species will be more comfortable in cages 90 to 120cm wide, while larger ones will certainly appreciate much larger cages (120-200 cm wide).

But the size of your bird is not the only element to take into account: you must also predict the size of the cage according to its activity (lorises, Caicos, lorikeets, and canaries, for example, are very very active) and the arrangement of the cage (perches, hiding places, swings, food dispensers, bowls, bath, and toys).

The quality

Parrots are very malignant creatures, so look for solid materials, such as wrought iron and stainless steel. This will prevent damage to your home or apartment and injury to your pet.  

The doors

The doors are crucial in a cage because they must allow quick and easy access inside the cage to take the bird. Its size must be large enough for a man to enter his hand.

The Bars

The type of bars must differ according to the species of bird: for example, the parrots and parakeets will prefer the vertical bars, which represent for them less risk of injury.

In addition, make sure that the space between each bar or the mesh size does not allow the bird to escape, to pass the head outside without taking a risk of a possible accident.

The diameter of the bars of a birdcage is to be appreciated according to the size of the legs of the bird and it is better to choose a cage with smooth bars.

It is more than recommended to choose a strong, quality cage, especially with parrots, whose beaks are strong enough to break a bar. Free to him then to escape by breaking the rest of the bars! Not to mention the risk of injury!  

Coating paint

The cages are usually painted with a colored coating, which will protect your steel while dressing your interior.

But if these coatings are not of good quality, it will yield under the pecking of your bird.

There are stainless steel cages, very expensive, but do not need coating paint because they are stronger than cages made of other materials.

The ease of cleaning

This is an important point – for you! The easier the cage will be to clean, the more often you clean it. The bottom of the cage can be removable, but it must be separated by a grid from the bottom of the cage to prevent the bird from walking on its own droppings.

The bottom of the cage should be covered with absorbent litter such as sand or clay. Avoid paper or sawdust, as this may injure the bird.

And keep in mind that the closer your cage is, the more dirt it has to rub. In short, choose a simple cage, that you can move easily and without much effort, with trays or drawers that slide well.

The ideal location

The ideal location for the cage of your boarder. it’s simply in the room where you are! And so as for you: not too wet, too hot, too cold, not too drafty, not exposed to the sun … and not next to the kitchen or near a TV or radio, this which could greatly disturb or even annoy him.

Place it preferably high, away from children and other (potential) pets.

The Accessories

The Perch

A bird needs to be able to walk, climb, fly, tread, eat, drink, wash and play. Take a perch because birds perch naturally. Fixed perches play a role during the breeding season, mobiles can play and swing.

The Size

The diameter of it depends on the size of the legs of the bird. If it is too thin or too thick, you risk seeing your bird develop joint diseases, which would prove to be more painful for him.

For canaries, for example, a perch of 1 cm is enough while for a parakeet, the perch can be 3 to 4 cm.

The Nest

It is essential! It is a shelter for the bird, but some species use a nest only during their breeding season and never at another time.

It is recommended to take a nest that resembles as much as possible the one used by the bird in its natural habitat. For example, a small basket for canaries and a big box for parakeets.

The bathtub

Birds love to wash and cool, especially in fresh, clean water. The tub should be in the cage, but only for short periods and should be cleaned daily.


Each species has its favorite toy, but you’ll never be far off the mark with a ladder, a bell, ropes, a small swing, and horizontal bars.

Test Result: Best Cage For Parrot 2019