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Best Diaper Pails 2019 – Full Comparison


It is important to inform yourself before you buy a diaper bin, as products in this category do not all have the same characteristics. In making your choice with reflection, you should not miss out on the article that is suited to both your needs and the financial means you are willing to devote to this acquisition. Above all, you must consider the odor neutralization, the elimination of microbes and the capacity of this product. Here is my selection of the 5 best Diaper Pail of 2019 among more than twenty models available at the moment. The AngelCare Classic diaper pail with its pretty design and affordable price is by far the one I prefer in this selection. In addition, it is possible to make him adopt a more fun look for the baby room thanks to its interchangeable covers! You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will help you choose the diaper bin you need.

List of Best Diaper Pails 2019 

NameRatingMain Feature Price

1. Angelcare Classic
4.0Dishwasher safe Check Price

2. Diaper One N Done
4.3Aluminium fusion Check Price

3. Tommee Tippee Simplee
3.7Stainless steel Check Price

4. Ubbi
3.9Anti-burn handle Check Price

5. Janibell Akord
4.7Walk with induction Check Price

The best cheap diaper bins

For a very affordable price, here is a diaper bin that will be very popular with small budgets.

Angelcare Classic: the best not expensive


The French Angelcare Classic diaper bin is a practical and hygienic solution to get rid of used diapers of your children.

Its AIR-SEAL technology is an effective barrier against odors and ensures that the nursery or bathroom (depending on where you change your child) will always smell good.

The bin is simple to use and does not require any rotational movement. A simple wrist movement and you’ll never have to touch or smell the dirty layer again!

With its push-button lid, you can hold your baby while throwing dirty diapers.

With a fairly large capacity (dimensions of 29 x 25 x 37.5 cm), this trash can contain between 21 and 38 layers depending on the size (ie about 1 week of diapers) and without odor. No need to empty the trash every day! A time saving for not very expensive …  

This bin is also very easy to empty because it is equipped with an integrated cutting mechanism. Simply lift the lid, remove the plastic bag, cut it and tie a knot.

Unlike others, the Classic Angelcare bin does not pack individually, so it uses less plastic and is a slightly more environmentally friendly alternative to some competing diaper bins. Of course it also means that the smells are potentially less well contained, but the lid takes care of that!

Compatible with Angelcare round refills, available in packs of 1, 3 and 6, the trash comes with a refill.

If the bin itself is not very expensive, it will still take into account the price of refills that are sold separately and at a price of about 20 Dollars for 3 refills (about 3 months of diapers) . A small budget therefore in recharge, since it is not possible to recycle ordinary plastic bags or to buy non-adapted conventional garbage bags.

A diaper bin that does its job and for a very affordable price. With her matte look she will not fail to please! .

  • Blocks odors
  • Capacity 21-38 layers (about 1 week)
  • Push button cover
  • No individual packaging of diapers, more ecological
  • Mastery design
  • Budget refills to take into account


The best mid-range layer bins

For prices that remain below 50 Dollars, here are two models of garbage cans that have stood out.

Diaper One N Done: the best mid-range

Diaper One N Done

If the trash can exists in 3 different colors (lacquered white, lacquered pink and lacquered blue), you can also buy a special cover around 15 Dollars to really customize the trash. The One N Done diaper bin dresses with 12 interchangeable cloth covers (sold separately) that allow you to change the decor of your changing area as you wish.

In addition to this design point, this bin also has AIR-SEAL technology with a multi-layer bag that traps odors.

Just like the previous bin, the use of it is also very simple since the lid opens with one hand. With a simple wrist movement, the dirty layer is isolated.

Similar in capacity to the previous trash, the bags of the trash bin are easy to empty and can be placed in your usual bin, at a rate of about once a week. Indeed, despite its rather compact size (46.2 x 28 x 28.2 cm), this trash can still contain about 41 layers size 1, what to see coming.

Be careful, however, this bin does not use the same bags as the previous one because it is compatible with octagonal refills for Dress Up (a refill is included with the trash), which are also sold separately in packs of 1, 3 and 6, which will have to take the price into account in your budget.

The size is more compact and the design a little more worked and with a price not enormously higher than the previous trash, I prefer this trash, although I think a cover is useless. However, the option to buy one is always welcome.

This trash is, I think, the best quality / price ratio of this selection and my favorite. For my part, I do not think it is necessary to spend more, since it does its job very well.

  • Blocks odors
  • Capacity 21-38 layers (about 1 week)
  • Push button cover
  • No individual packaging of diapers, more ecological
  • Compact and customizable trash with covers
  • Budget refills to take into account


Tommee Tippee Simplee: the basic


For much more expensive, the famous brand of baby care Tommee Tippee offers here a model of trash bin diapers that seems rather basic.

For the price, 6 refills are still included, which is a good point and allows you to see coming (about 6 months of diapers). Taking into account these refills, it even costs less in the end than the previous bins.

Just like the Angelcare bins already presented, the smells are contained thanks to the multi-layered film and the intelligent flip-top lid of the Simplee bin. The film also contains antibacterial agents that remove 99% of the germs.

Like the previous ones, this bin does not offer individual bagging of the layers, which means that you will potentially have odors when opening the trash.

With its relatively small size (24.5 x 27 x 45 cm), it has a much lower capacity than previous bins and unfortunately can only contain about 18 layers, which is not huge and certainly does not allow you to wait a week between oil changes. As much as using a classic trash can, for a lot cheaper and without specific refills …

Although perfect for small places, its design is not very to my taste. I’m also not very fond of its black cover and gray circle, which may detonate in the baby room.

So I am rather disappointed by this trash: a lot of things to improve in my opinion, especially given the competition. I much prefer the Angelcare trash dress-up described just before.

  • Blocks odors
  • Push button cover
  • No individual packaging of diapers, more ecological
  • Compact bin
  • Budget refills to take into account
  • Small capacity (18 layers)
  • Design


The best high-end layer bins

For budgets a little wider, with prices up to nearly 100 Dollars, here are two models of garbage cans that are out of the lot.

Ubbi: the best upscale


For a price that is close to 100 Dollars, a certain investment here is trash for baby diapers Ubbi high-end.

The Ubbi diaper bin is made of powder coated steel for maximum odor control. It is equipped with rubber gaskets that are strategically designed to block odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disturbance, keeping the smell inside the trash bin.

To meet the needs of today’s environmentally-friendly parents, this bin offers the convenience of being able to use any standard garbage bag or reusable fabric liner, unlike previous layer bins. This makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean.

Quite large (38.1 x 27.3 x 57.1 cm) and can hold about 20 to 55 layers depending on the size, this bin is available in a range of 12 colors and is clearly not made to go unnoticed, this which allows him to agree with all kinds of room decorations.

So that children do not put their hands inside, she has a childproof lock.

Even if it is pretty and if no budget special bag is expected, this trash is still expensive to buy and I do not think its price is fully justified, unfortunately. I prefer once again the mid-range One N Done model, much more design and less expensive.

  • Blocks odors
  • Lid with lock for children
  • Use with normal garbage bags
  • Good capacity (20-55 layers)
  • Quite large
  • High price



Janibell Akord: also for adult diapers


It’s not just babies who need diapers, and this trash is primarily for adult diapers rather than baby diapers, but it can be used for both, of course!

The Janibell trash is however ideal for people who want to get rid of incontinence-related waste such as disposable pads and pads. Innovative, the trash can retain odors and prevent them from becoming embarrassing thanks to the hermetically sealed double seal system and the slightly scented and thick trash bags retain odors.

The ABS plastic resin bin material does not retain bad odors and the smooth surface facilitates cleaning.

The continuous garbage bag is cut as it fills up to avoid waste. You also avoid coming in contact with the contents of the trash.

The bin has a pedal to prevent the user to bend down to put his changes in the trash, which is perfect for the elderly (and for parents in a hurry).  

As soon as it is full, the bag can be easily replaced. Just open the door, pull the bag down, cut it with the blade on the door and tie a new bag. 1 bag is included with the purchase of the trash and refills are easily purchased separately for a reasonable price of about 20 Dollars for 2 refills (288 layers each).

Rather discreet and not too big (31.2 x 26.4 x 51.8 cm), this trash can easily be a place in the bathroom without attracting too much attention. So look is simple and easy to understand.

  • Blocks odors
  • Compact bin
  • Push button cover
  • No individual packaging of diapers, more ecological
  • Budget refills to take into account


How to choose your diaper bin?  

Who says layers says place needed to throw them that will not upset the whole house. If a regular bin with a tight-fitting lid can do the trick (provided you throw trash bags very regularly), a special diaper bin provides an even easier solution and even less odorous, especially if you have the table to change in the nursery (which is often the case). Faced with the wide selection available on the market, here is a short guide to help you choose the model that suits you best.


Babies, especially newborns, use a lot of diapers. Therefore, if you choose a bin with a reduced capacity, you will have to empty it regularly. It will, therefore, choose a model that not only finds a place in the baby room or bathroom but also allows you to not change the bag every day and at a pace that suits you. Choose your model according to the capacity and your needs.  

Odor control

The main role of a diaper bin is to seal the smells created by dirty diapers, unlike conventional bins. However, it is not enough to close the container hermetically.

It is also important that odors do not arise at each opening of the trash, otherwise, buy classic trash.

To achieve this, the best products provide a mechanism for inserting a dirty layer that minimizes the foul odor that escapes during use and that allows for the change of a full bag without suffering excessive odors.

If you find plastic and metal diaper bins on the market, know that metal, although more expensive, absorbs fewer odors, is easier to wash and lasts much longer than plastic. If you have the budget, choose a metal bin.

In addition to their specially designed material and lid, most bins work with special, often scented, double-walled bags that will neutralize odors. You can also opt for a trash can whose bucket itself is scented or with charcoal air filters, like some kitchen bins.

However, this will have an additional cost, since you will need to purchase the specific filters that accompany your bucket. The option of deodorizing powder is also possible, even if it means that your diaper bin is not working well. As much as buying a basic bin at that time, this will certainly be cheaper.

Bags and refills

While some of the best disposable diaper bins support standard plastic bags, it is often necessary to purchase special equipment that will need to be counted in the trash budget.

These bags, even if quite expensive, usually have great features, which justify their price, such as their resistance and their odor capture function.  

Some specialty bags may even contain an odor removal capsule that you fill with a scent or baking soda to better eliminate bad odors.

Attention, as a rule, these specialized bags are only compatible with some garbage cans. Be sure to respect this compatibility and especially to choose a bag size suitable for your trash so as not to waste these bags.

A cloth bag is the most economical and environmentally friendly of course, although you will need to make sure to wash it from time to time as it will absorb odors and liquids.

Utilization facility

In order not to make the diaper change stage even more unpleasant than it is, it is important to choose a trash can that will make your job easier and therefore easy to use, even with baby ‘a hand.

You will therefore preferably choose a model that can open and close with at most one hand, either by means of a pedal or by another easy opening system such as a pressure cover or other, without having to lift the lid if possible, since it can be dirty.

It is also recommended to opt for a model equipped with a child safety lock so that baby or other children of the house do not go there to put their hands and especially play with plastic bags. As you want to be able to use it at any time, the lock must be easy to engage and disengage, preferably with a simple push or twist.

In addition to the opening, make sure that the emptying system of the trash is easy and can be done quickly.

How to use a diaper bin?

To get rid of the different garbage in your home, it seems essential to gather them in one place. Each type of debris must have its respective container. For example, food residues should not be combined with toilet waste. If you have a young child, it is necessary to have a tank to put the layers already used. This article develops the instructions for use.

Install the garbage bin near the baby’s room

This material helps to get rid of your child’s diapers. The waste can emit very strong unpleasant odors. Therefore, the tool is normally provided with a cover to prevent the spread of the latter in the room.

To avoid wasting time doing back and forth throwing the diapers, place it near you especially for newborns who need to be changed several times in a day. It will not present any inconvenience even if you put it in the bedroom. It occupies little space and therefore it is less cumbersome.

 Put a plastic bag inside

For better hygiene and to avoid getting diseases related to dirty diapers, it is necessary to correctly place a bag in the material.

This bag will protect it from stains caused by overflowing garbage. It is beneficial to contain the elements after their use, but also to identify bad smells. These will no longer be felt by babies who already eat different foods besides milk.

 Discard the diapers in the bag

There are some models that have a kind of lever to operate by the feet to open the lid. It contributes to the ease of the tasks of the parents. It seems very useful and practical especially in the case where both hands are occupied to hold the child and the diaper to throw at the same time.

It’s a good lock and security system especially if you have other bigger kids playing around the room. They may jostle the equipment without doing it on purpose. Others do not have a lid, but holes on the edges. These are equipped with a device against odors to maintain the cleanliness of the housing.

Close it after using it

This equipment is designed according to the same principle as the equipment in bathrooms. It has a closing mechanism whose function is to isolate bacteria and microbes. But also a better way to prevent odors from spreading. You can stay comfortably in the room where it is.

 Empty your trash regularly

To be able to recharge it again, it is necessary to empty it regularly. This action allows for a long life to your accessory. Therefore, be sure to do this daily to fight against any infection of worms.

To drain quickly, you must first open the lid. Then take the top of the plastic bag and you must wrap the end. Put a new package for the next job and so on.


In my opinion, no need to invest in super high tech trash. Yes, of course, the trash cans that pack the diapers individually will allow you to reduce your going back to throw away the bags, but given the investment (for trash and spare bags) I’m rather for normal trash with normal bags and a tightly sealed lid.

The planet and your wallet will say thank you! If you really want a special diaper bin then opt for a model like the Angelcare Classic that will not ruin you too much. It is good enough for me.

If the look of your trash is important to you, you can also opt for the Diaper One N Done and its fabric covers with pretty patterns!

Test Result: Best Diaper Pail of 2019