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Best Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats – Full Comparison

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the best flea collars for dogs and cats among more than twenty models available on the market. My favorite is the Lovatic, which will effectively protect your large dogs (over 20kg) against fleas and ticks. I have also selected for you the Vetocanis, which gives your pet protection for 8 months thanks to its natural formula and its long-acting technology. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you choose the best flea collars for your pets.

Best Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats 2019

NameRatingMain Feature Price

1. Vetocanis
3.5Elastic safety and long protection Check Price

2. Lovatic
4.6Natural components and Multiple protection Check Price

3. Rolf Club 3D
3.4Adjustable, odorless and Double security system Check Price

The best cheap flea collars

What to do when our dogs or cats are infected with parasites, but without ruining our wallets? It is not always easy to choose a formula that suits our little protected while having a good quality/price ratio.

Vetocanis: the best cheap


Vetocanis, for private and veterinary use, can help you eliminate fleas and ticks from your animals. This entry-level collar is exclusively reserved for dogs over 20 kg. It protects your companions for 300 days against fleas and 200 days against ticks, and acts in prevention to reduce any risk of new infestation. In addition, its price, very affordable, will certainly seduce you.

Users, however, pointed out some minor disadvantages including the smell of the necklace. To avoid this inconvenience, do not hesitate to let the collar breathe a little after unpacking.

Then, some estimate that the Vetocanis leaves one or two ticks in its mesh during the first week after its pose, even if this problem affects more frequently the dogs which are very often exposed to the parasites.

You have also fallen to the right place if you want to protect your cats against pests because there is a version adapted to our friends with mustaches. This model, active for 8 months, also kills fleas and ticks.

However, you can only use this necklace on kittens over 3 months old and which do not have any diseases or skin lesions.

You will not normally have too much trouble to adopt this necklace to your cat because this model has a comfortable and adjustable safety elastic. It only remains to hope that he will appreciate the red since it is for the moment the only color available (the color is black for the dogs).

A disadvantage? Some believe that the effect can sometimes be delayed (about 2 weeks). Efficiency is therefore progressive. Patience, patience.

Another small flat target by users, the necklace can be weakened by time, harden or even break. Especially if he has been abused by your playful little cat!

  • Very affordable price
  • Elastic safety
  • Quick result and long protection
  • There is a model for cats
  • Unpleasant odor when unpacking
  • Ticks can survive during the first week
  • Unique color


The best mid-range flea collar

Our selection continues with flea collars moderate budget (mean by about ten euros), which are still effective, without being toxic for all that!

Lovatic: the best mid-range


The Lovatic is an interesting alternative because it offers, thanks to its natural formula composed of essential oils, protection not only against fleas and ticks but also against mosquitoes, larvae or lice. The product is also supplied with a comb and is guaranteed 30 days after purchase.

Multi-protective, this collar continuously releases its active product for up to 8 months and is in principle not allergenic for your dog. I say “in principle” because not all dogs are the same, some may be more sensitive than others.

On the other hand, you can let your pet wade through the water as the Lovatic is water resistant!

First, try to coax your dog to place the collar around his neck and adjust it while keeping enough space not to suffocate him.

Then cut and eliminate the excess length. If necessary or if your dog has severe infestation conditions, it is useful to replace the collar more often (as much as to avoid unnecessary risks, right?)

Your companion (and I’m talking about the dog of course …) can wear his collar every day, 24 hours a day, even in a humid environment. For optimal use, the collar should be kept at night, but if you do not want your dog to wear his collar all the time, you can place it under his little bed.

Be sure to always keep the collar away from children, food and eyes! Also remember to wash your hands after holding the necklace, and do not hesitate to inquire about the allergies of your animals by consulting a veterinarian.

  • Natural components
  • Lasting effect
  • Multiple protection
  • Strong smell for some


The best high-end flea collar

To complete our selection, we chose a high-end flea collar. Certainly a little more expensive, but this type of model is of good quality, with many advantages!  

Rolf Club 3D: the best upscale


Like our previous products, Rolf Club 3D protects your cats over a period of 7 to 8 months but also their immediate environment for 10 weeks (by preventing the development of larvae). For your dog, a model is available from 7 weeks (+8 kg), for protection of 7 to 8 months.

In addition, you can control the active ingredient yourself with its latest generation technology.

From 10 weeks, kittens can also benefit from Rolf Club. Adjustable and easy to use, you will not normally have a hard time making him adopt this necklace!

In the late spring, when the flea and tick season shows the tip of your nose, you can apply the collar to your cat so that it is well protected. Prevention against infestation with new ticks begins within two days of application.

Rolf Club has developed a repellent action that prevents ticks from biting the animal to feed on its blood and reduces the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. According to users, this system also works very well on long-haired cats.

Other advantages and not least, the collar is water resistant and is also odorless! Indeed, thanks to its polymer matrix, the active ingredients are released at low doses, continuously, and have no odor.

And what is nice is that the collar is suitable for animals allergic to flea bites. It can especially be used as a therapy against DAPP (Allergic Dermatitis Flea Bites) in dogs and cats. Be careful though: never treat kittens less than 10 weeks old and do not use this product in case of known hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients!

To avoid an allergy here is a little tip: pass the collar under water and then wipe gently to remove the excess product that may be the cause of intolerance. Also remember to wash your hands with cold water after setting up the collar.

Although the product is less toxic than others by its components, cases of burns or allergies have already been noted by some users. These cases are rare, but if you see any unusual signs of allergy, stop applying the product immediately.

Ah also: even if you love to sleep with your companions, do not let the animals wearing the necklace sleep in your bed or in that of children (as much limit the risk … And the hair at the same time?).

As for use, first remove the tabs on the inside of the collar. Adjust the collar leaving a 2-finger gap between the collar and the neck of your favorite bristle companion.

If you have fears for your cat, be safe because a double security system allows the collar to expand or even give in if your cat accidentally got stuck. After the second loop, you can cut any superfluous length beyond 2 cm without affecting the effectiveness of the product.

  • Adjustable and odorless
  • Controlled release of the active ingredient
  • Waterproof
  • Protects the immediate environment of the cat
  • Double security system
  • Model available for dogs
  • Ticks can live 48 hours after application
  • Allergies or burns (rare but possible)
  • Life sometimes reduced in contact with water



The assets of flea collars are numerous. They reduce skin problems and improve the lives of your protégés. They are also sometimes cheaper than other flea products and are known to be quite effective. You also do not have to worry about durability, since some products offer protection up to 12 months without having to be replaced. In addition to treating parasites, some also have a preventive action! All of these features are convincing, but how do you make the right choice for your pet? We have gathered for you the main qualities of a good flea collar.
The operation of flea collars

The flea collars fight against fleas, ticks and other parasites by acting on the whole body of the animal. They are also used to prevent all kinds of infections. These necklaces, often cheap, are as effective as other products, if not better.

If your animals are infected with parasites and they are not treated, this can lead to many health problems (anemia, allergy, dermatitis to name a few).

Stay alert for signs that may appear including bites, itching or redness. Because in the end, prevention is always better than treatment! Prevention is better than cure.

3 types of necklaces, 3 methods

The problems that our companions encounter are not always similar. Therefore, you will be able to find different types of necklaces. It is important to be able to distinguish them because they do not all have the same method of action concerning the problem of chips. Three types of necklaces exist.

Preventive collars

These collars prevent fleas before they invade your pet (using a repellent gas). But these necklaces do not treat fleas already present.

In particular, if you live in the countryside and you are fond of walks in the forest, choose this option in prevention.

Treatment clamps

These collars are used to treat already infected animals. They treat animals rather than preventing parasites either by spreading a drug through their skin or by using natural oils on their coat.

These types of collars should not be used as a preventive measure, but only if your animal is infected by parasites (because they are more aggressive than the preventive products).

Preventive collars and treatment

These necklaces are a combination of the other previous methods. They are therefore more expensive but offer convincing results.

You can distinguish these necklaces on their respective box, terms like “ignore”, “push back” will make more reference to preventative collars, while terms like “kill” or “eliminate” will end up rather on the boxes of necklaces of treatment or prevention and treatment.

When you buy a flea collar, the first thing you need to observe is the situation of your pet to assess whether you need to prevent, treat or combine the two before choosing the appropriate flea collar.

The type of treatment proposed

Necklaces obviously do not work all the same way. In general, there are two types of treatment.

The “solid”

The collar rubs on the skin of the animal and releases the product gradually.

The “gas”

The anti-parasite product is released as a gas. It is a very effective method to repel insects but less effective to kill parasites already present.

The components of the necklace

If you look at the components, you will find that many necklaces are made from the same ingredients. Propoxur, pyriproxyfen, amitraz, and deltamethrin are among the most commonly used active ingredients in flea collars.

Most of these ingredients are not dangerous for your dog and for humans. However, it is important to keep an eye open on the components and to make sure your children do not get too close to the collars.

The effectiveness

A good quality collar should ideally kill the parasites already present on the animal and be effective for about 8 months. Other decisive advantages are also the water resistance, the protection of the environment of the animal, and especially the fact of being healthy for its skin and comfortable to wear.

The collar must be adjustable and compatible with the size and weight of your pet.

Do not hesitate to take a look at the chemical components that are sometimes toxic. And preferably, wear your choice on an odorless collar.

Test Result: Best flea collar for your pet 2019