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Best Salad Spinners 2019 – Full Comparison


Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary to squeeze its salad, hence the importance of choosing a wringer that works well, and each time, why I made for you the selection of the 7 best salad spinners 2019 from top brands like OXO, Ikea, & Zyliss and among more than thirty models available at the moment. I have a clear preference for the Leifheit Inox, with its superb look clearly upscale and very elegant. The Leifheit ComfortLine is the best value for money in my opinion. You can find a little shopping guide at the end of this article to help you choose the salad spinner that’s right for you.

List of Best Salad Spinners 2019 – Full Comparison

NameRatingMain Feature Price

1. Westmark
4.2Little price Check Price

2. Ikea Tokiq
3.5Easy to use Check Price

3. Leifheit Comforline
3.5Easy to install Check Price

4. Zyliss Easy Spin
3.7Very solid system Check Price

5. Oxo Good grips
4.3Very solid system Check Price

6. Leifheit Inox
4.0Very solid system Check Price

7. Tupperware D82
3.5Quality of manufacture Check Price

The best salad spinners cheap

For the budget, here are two salad spinners cheap.

Westmark: the best price


Always on a budget, but still more expensive than the wringer from Ikea (at the same time difficult to do cheaper), the salad spinner at Westmark is immediately more beautiful than this one, with its red-colored keys.  

It also made of plastic (polypropylene), works on the same principle of the grinder, but still seems of much better quality.

As for the Moulin, it is clearly easier to operate, with a much greater grip and therefore easier spinning. The system of moulinette is, I must say, not my favorite because it is still very “physical”, but a prominent handle like this certainly makes the spin easier than a small as on the wringer Ikea.

Beware though, it seems that this crank is still somewhat fragile and not tenable in the long term.

Similarly, like the Ikea wringer, it has a lid difficult to clean with the mesh. Not ideal so to remove the bits of salad stuck, it is often necessary to use a brush because even the sponge cannot reach some places!

This wringer is also much larger than that at Ikea (30x26x20 cm and a capacity of 5 liters) and allows washing and spinning of a much larger amount of salad at a time, so perfect to save time.

Its spout allows you to easily empty the water with ease. A big difference with the other wringer of this range, while remaining really affordable. It only remains to hope that your kitchen agrees with its beautiful red!

  • Affordable price
  • Well-developed mill
  • Spout
  • Capacity of 5L
  • Fragile crank
  • Hard lid to wash


Ikea Tokig: the small price


The well-known brand Ikea offers an Ikea salad spinner for very small budgets that do not require something sophisticated or particular design.

Indeed, this wringer is really basic, white color that is clearly its price. With its dimensions (14cm high, 23 cm in diameter) and its polypropylene material, synthetic rubber without BPA (bisphenol A), it is very light and does not take up too much space in the cupboards.

In return, it is really low-end and cannot contain large volumes, so you will have to spin a salad, even a fairly normal size, several times; of which clearly to waste precious time.

In addition, its operation by turning crank is not very practical and it is sufficient that the basket is not perfectly positioned inside for the system to be hindered.

Not ideal, especially since it is necessary each time to open the lid to replace the basket, which is not easy. The handle to turn is quite small and the grip is often a little difficult.

Squeezing the salad is clearly not a part of fun with this wringer. In addition, the lid is difficult to clean with the grill, and salad can get stuck in it.

I am very disappointed so Ikea brand that I find in general a good price/quality ratio for the coup it is not the case in addition to the design that is not there … at the same time, for the price, difficult to ask for more.

  • Affordable price
  • Does not take up much space
  • Basket that is positioned poorly
  • Hard lid to wash
  • Handle for turning too small


The best mid-range salad spinners

For slightly larger budgets, here are three spinners that stood out.

LeifHeit ComfortLine: the best mid-range


Here is a wringer that stands out directly from its predecessors by its functions and quality.

This 3-in-1 wringer can effectively serve not only as a wringer, drainer (since the basket is heat resistant and can, therefore, be used as a strainer) but also as a salad bowl because of its rather elegant design. What you save time and space for sure!

In addition, farewell to the system of grinding and hello spinning mechanism with a spinning cord from right to left that allows a spin of all types of salad efficiently and gently without tiring too much.

With the feet of the basket and this spinning system that changes direction, the salad is perfectly drained in no time.

With its dimensions of 26 x 26 x 18.5 cm, this wringer is of the correct size and therefore allows to squeeze a salad of normal size at one time, still a significant time-saving.

In addition to its 3 functions and its simple spin system, this wringer is also very pretty, with a transparent bowl with elegant design and pretty touches of apple green with the basket and the zipper. If it suits your kitchen then it’s perfect!

It’s just a shame that the lid is not flat, so you can store more easily. However, unlike the previous spinners, this lid has no grill and is therefore very easily washable.

A big crush on my part, especially with its multifunction that will no doubt the happiness of small kitchens. It is, I think, the best quality/price ratio of this selection since it is available at a price still quite affordable.  

  • 3 in 1
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to wash lid
  • Effective wringing system
  • Lid not flat


Zyliss Easy Spin: the flat


Operating on the same principle of spinning as the previous wringer, but for a relatively more expensive price, the brand Zyliss here offers a Zyliss salad spinner once again with a diameter of 26 cm, which seems to be the norm for the most of the wringers (it exists however also in 20 cm of diameter for the small eaters of salad, the small families or those which do not have the place simply).

Just like the previous wringer, it works here also with a cord and not a crank, for ease of use, especially with its non-slip base and its braking system basket (at the touch of a button on the top of the lid) x.

The salad is drained without effort and in no time. Much less laborious than the wringing system is certain!

Its completely flat lid allows much easier storage than the previous spinners and disassembles in no time for cleaning very easily. No headaches so!

This time again the bowl can become a salad bowl, even if its design is much less elegant than that of the previous wringer. However, it will do the trick for everyday meals.  

Available in green apple or transparent, this wringer is beautiful and practical, although it finally takes a lot of room for just a spin function. Small kitchens will surely opt for the smaller model so as not to lose too much space.

  • Bowl that can serve as a salad bowl
  • Easy lid cleaning
  • Stop button to stop spinning
  • Bowl not very elegant
  • Basket not heat resistant


Oxo Good Grips: the piston mode


Oxo brand offers one of the best Oxo salad spinner namely Good Grips. The wringer from Oxo is in the same price range as that from Zyliss but is totally different. Available also in 26 or 21 cm in diameter, it nevertheless has a totally different spin system.

Indeed, it is not a crank system or rope, but a piston system that allows spinning. It is, therefore, necessary to “pump” the big central piston in order to wring and a break is available to stop the rotation. I find, however, that this wringer is not very practical for small people or those who do not have too much strength in the arms.

This piston system is, I think, much less easy to use than the one with a rope. If the bowl is once again convertible bowl, I find it is not pretty enough to be used as such outside the “normal” meals without guests.

I find that this wringer is also impractical because it is not possible to fill the salad bowl completely since the piston needs room inside. Not sure, then, about the efficiency of spinning when trying to save time and squeezing an entire salad at one time.

Fortunately, the piston gets stuck inside during storage so as not to take up height.  

Similarly, the look does not really like me, very basic, this wringer has, in my opinion, nothing special to offer visually, colors and design are really (too) all-purpose. Nothing to do with the wringer from Zyliss or Leifheit!

  • Bowl that can serve as a salad bowl
  • Stop button to stop spinning
  • Piston clips inside during storage
  • Piston wringing system not always easy to handle
  • Bowl not very elegant
  • Basket not heat resistant


The best high-end salad spinners

With prices significantly higher than previous spinners, here are two high-end models that will try large budgets.

LeifHeit Inox: the best high-end


The Leifheit brand, which has already offered a mid-range wringer, returns this time with the even more elegant version in stainless steel and silver / black colors.

The mid-range model was already pretty, but this is clearly high-end, at least visually. Like its little sister, this wringer also works with a cord, which allows a very effective and effortless spin and without moving, thanks to its anti-slip silicone bottom.

With its diameter of 28 cm, it will spin a large amount of salad at one time, much less headache so that some other spinners too small.

Its stainless steel bowl with its beautiful design is transformed into a salad bowl effortlessly, even for chic dinners, a clear space-saving. I really like this versatility!

Too bad, however, that once again the lid is not flat, this would have allowed much easier storage in the cupboards.

Nevertheless, the lid here has an opening and an integrated spout that does not require removing the lid to empty the water. Much more convenient than previous spinners at this level!

I regret, however, that unlike his mid-range sister, the basket is not heat resistant and can not be used as a colander. This would otherwise have really been the ideal wringer!

The fact remains that this wringer is clearly of high quality and the prettiest of the selection, hands down. It’s my heart stroke but, given its price, I do not think it is the best value for money of this selection, which is rather his little sister ComfortLine.

  • High-end material
  • Elegant design bowl that can be used as a salad bowl
  • Spout directly integrated into the lid
  • Spin system and basket feet for efficient spinning
  • Lid not flat
  • Basket not heat resistant


Tupperware D82: disappointing


The last wringer of this selection is a wringer of the famous brand Tupperware, which is certainly no longer necessary to present.

Visually, this wringer is at first very plastic and far less upscale than the previous and even less than some mid-range. It looks more like Ikea … but for almost ten times the price.

Being of the Tupperware salad spinner, it would be obvious that it is still of good quality and well thought out. It thus has a lid consisting of 2 rotating disks (inner and upper) whose orifice allows to empty the water without removing the lid, just like the previous wringer. It allows a drain so much easier!

It also comes with a soft, sealed and waterproof storage lid to keep and carry your salad, as is the Tupperware trademark. Well thought out, this accessory is clearly an asset, although personally I simply leave the lid of the wringer, which is generally very good.

For the rest, the material is plastic of good quality (polypropylene and polyethylene), but still plastic. In addition, it offers nothing new, except perhaps its strainer, the number and size of the holes allow optimal spin and prevent the salad leaves “escape”.

It also has a non-slip disc underneath for good stability and a translucent bowl of almost 4 liters (diameter of about 23 cm, is smaller than many other spinners in this selection … beware of large salads).

Unfortunately, his spin system is again a crank, which is really not my favorite and is usually rather laborious, even if this time the crank seems to have a good grip. White and red, this wringer will not go unnoticed, but not necessarily for good reasons unfortunately.  

  • Well-developed mill
  • Spout in the lid
  • Conservation lid
  • Colander with small holes
  • Unsightly design
  • Very high price


How to choose your salad spinner? Buyer Guide

The salad spinning machines are part of these kitchen utensils that, when they walk well, go completely unnoticed, it is used without thinking, but when we have problems with, they become our pet peeve.

It, therefore, seems necessary to choose a quality wringer that does its job without causing us any problems in order to facilitate our task. Here is a little buying guide to choose the one that suits you and which you will use with pleasure.


First and foremost, you need to select the size of the salad spinner that’s right for you. This depends on several factors such as the size of salad you usually buy and the size you have in your closets.

Indeed, for practical reasons and time saving obvious, you do not want to need to wash your salad in several times: it must pass in one time in the wringer.

Be careful, however, a wringer can quickly take up a lot of space in closets, since the diameters are usually around 25/26 cm. Smaller spinning machines (about 20 cm in diameter) are available on the market, ideal for small families or small spaces.

The spinning mode

Here again, you do not want to spend too much time squeezing your salad, let alone if the spin system is laborious and tiring.

If the spinning modes on the market are crank, rope or piston, I advise the rope system, which, in addition to being effective, is the one that, I think, requires the least force.

Perfect for not very muscular arms and not very big people for whom the piston quickly becomes a problem. In addition, it turns out that this rope system (which works much like that of a lawn mower) is one that allows having a lid without wire (usually present in case of crank) and to avoid a loss of space in the basket (unlike piston systems).

That good sides for spinning with rope so, especially that many offer a spin in a direction that varies to stir the salad and therefore wring optimally.

The material

If most wringers are plastic without BPA (bisphenol A), they can be more or less beautiful, depending on whether the bowl is completely transparent or opaque.

I personally am not very fond of opaque bowls. There are also stainless steel wringers on the market which, in addition to being durable, are clearly more design and pretty.

There are 3 in 1 wringers with basket that serves as a strainer and elegant bowl that turns into a salad bowl. Space saving and guaranteed savings !! Versatility very popular but that will still cost a bit expensive.

Likewise, while most baskets are not heat-resistant (and therefore serve just as a drainer for cold fruits/vegetables), some multipurpose wringers feature a basket that, on the contrary, is heat-resistant and therefore can be converted. in classic colander, even for hot foods. What save a colander and especially to save space in the kitchen!

Tidying up

Given the often large size of the salad spinner, it is always interesting to opt for a model with flat lid when possible, so you can easily arrange this utensil in cupboards.

Pay attention to this detail so, especially if you are short of space.


In respect of the hygiene and the cleanliness, it is imperative to be able to easily clean your wringer. If the basket and bowl are usually washed very quickly, the lid can sometimes cause problems, especially when it has a grid on the bottom (quite common with crank models).

A tip, choose a wringer with a smooth lid on the bottom, which will not require special attention to remove the bits of stuck salads.  

The most interesting

Some models elaborate (and therefore more expensive) have a spout directly in the lid that allows emptying the water without having to open the lid and remove the basket.

A clear time saving and much easier system, it will be possible for you to spin with a drain in the middle in a very short time. What guarantee a dry salad!  

Test Result: Best Salad Spinner 2019