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Best Suspended Chairs (Hanging Chairs) – Full Comparison


After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best hanging chairs 2019 among more than 30 models of hanging chairs. My preference is the Resin Wicker Espresso which combines excellent value for money with a design that will suit most interiors and gardens. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you choose best suspended chairs for garden and bedroom that will make you swing according to your desires!

Best Suspended Chairs (Hanging Chairs) 2019

NameRatingMain Feature Price

1. Modway EEI-2273
3.5Comfortable Check Price

2. Sonyabeeca
4.3Installable outdoors and indoors Check Price

3. Resin Wicker Espresso
4.4Very Trendy Check Price

4. Kresdy
3.5Simple to assemble Check Price

5. Amazonas Globo
3.5Lightweight Check Price

6. Tigan
5.0Weather resistant Check Price

The best cheap hanging chairs

These chairs offer maximum comfort at low prices. However, do not expect to be as sophisticated as the other chairs.

Modway EEI-2273 : the best price


This hanging chair is of excellent quality. It is composed of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The chair is designed this way to absorb or even sometimes release moisture. Thanks to this material offering a good breathing in the suspended chair, no perspiration is deplored.

The armchair is covered with an ultra-wide fabric with multicolored stripes measuring 130 x 100 cm. It also comes with 2 cushions of 40 x 40cm. Carpet care is biblically easy and washable at 30 degrees only.

This hanging chair can support up to 120 kg. The ultra-thick ropes are hand-woven, guaranteeing high-quality tear resistance and increased safety.

Thanks to this design, the mat has a long life. The crossbar of the sturdy wooden hanging chair is approximately 80 cm long and 3.2 cm in diameter.

This chair can be hung in many different places: inside the office so you can enjoy maximum relaxation during a short break, in the student dormitory to relax with a friend, in the children’s room or still outside on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden or at the campsite.

This hanging chair is perfect for resting after a hard day’s work! In addition this chair is 100% new and has a 2 year warranty. 
It comes with a hanging chair, two cushions and a wooden stick. Be careful, the fastening material is not included, but you can easily get one (or reuse the one from another chair, as desired).

This Modway EEI-2273 brand has a design that is both exclusive and environmentally friendly. It uses new materials that are healthy, anti-friction, anti-tear and above all, durable and comfortable. He has everything to please you!

This hanging chair is also extremely simple to package and fold inside the packaging to transport it. It is an ideal companion for camping or leisure with its two pillows to stay comfortable and whatever the place chosen to suspend it.

Some precautions should be taken when using this hanging chair, so you can enjoy it as long as possible.

So avoid too much wriggling (otherwise you may accidentally drop it), suspend it more than one meter off the ground. Make sure the point of suspension is strong enough, otherwise beware of the fall!

This chair does not have a fireproof fabric so it’s best to keep it away from any source of fire. I advise you to use it in a medium with grass and avoid gravel, twigs and other solid objects.

As a bonus, be careful not to swing it too far forward and backward, to prevent the cable from wearing away quickly and to avoid unnecessary damage. Of course, do not let your children use it without the supervision of an adult.

Curl up in this suspended chair gives you both security and relaxation. Your well-being is assured, so enjoy!

It comes with a lot of ropes and metal rings to facilitate its attachment. When the precautionary instructions are correctly followed, this hanging chair is extremely stable.

In addition its materials are built to last and it has a very surprising life for an accessory at such a low price.

  • Affordable price
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable
  • Fixing material not included


Sonyabeeca : a classy design at a low price


This hanging chair has a very classy design and will make a very good impression regardless of the location chosen to install it. Knitted cotton rope is very soft and comfortable.

Its material breathes very well is delicate and also good for the skin. In addition, this hanging chair is resistant to wear (guaranteed one year by the way!).

Iron rings are integrated, making this hanging chair safer. It is also respectful of the environment, and as a bonus, does not easily retain odors, which is a real advantage, especially if you plan to place it outdoors (the smell of rainwater is not terrible, we agree).

With a size of 80 cm x 80 cm x 110 cm, this hanging chair is made of carefully selected materials and highly resistant cotton ropes. Four main braids strengthen the stability of the suspended chair and in doing so allow it to support a weight of up to 120 kg for increased safety (but hey, rest assured, everything is done to ensure optimal relaxation!) .

The rope measures 40 cm, while the size of the bangs is 15 cm. The product itself weighs only 3.5 kg, making it a very easy to lift accessory.

This hanging chair is very easily transportable and can be installed almost anywhere, it can be placed both inside and out: in the bedroom, in the nursery, on the patio, on the terrace, in the yard, in a garden or even in a bar if the heart tells you. Its elegant design brings a classy touch to your environment.

What more ? Oh yes, it is customizable: although made of white cotton rope, it is quite possible to decorate it with other materials.

This hanging chair uses a classic white as the main color. It also has fringes elegantly decorated with a feeling both warm and romantic.

Be careful however, the hammock supports and pillows are not included it will buy separately, which is a shame!

This accessory is perfect for releasing all the fatigue of a hard day’s work and all members of the family will be able to fully enjoy the warmth and comfort provided by this hanging chair.

  • Affordable price
  • Nice design
  • Installable outdoors and indoors
  • Supports not included


The best mid-range hanging chairs

There are so many varieties available but these mid-range armchairs are perfect for people wanting solid, but having a budget a bit limited.

Resin Wicker Espresso : the best mid-range


With its round shape and very comfortable cushions, this standing hanging egg chair by the brand Resin Wicker Espresso has a look reminiscent of a cocoon and invites you to relax after a hard day’s work.

Robust, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, this hanging egg chair is just as suitable for indoor installation as it is for a patio. Its shades of gray as well as its rather original shape give it a very contemporary feeling and allow it to perfectly integrate with a decoration of interior of modern style.

Its unique design, both original and classic, with its chic gray tones, allows it to go through seasons and trends without any problem. In short, it adapts to your environment, in all discretion!

Top 190 cm and 105 cm in diameter, this chair fits almost anywhere because it does not require a very large space to be installed. Its base is very easy to disassemble and can move it with incredible ease from one room to another, or place outdoors when hot days are back.

Thus, it is possible to put it as well in the living room as on the terrace or in a small corner of the bedroom to relax and read a book comfortably before going to bed. In other words, it is totally suitable for the location of your choice and can be installed without much effort.

Very trendy, this accessory is an excellent choice to transform your garden into a haven of peace. Its mix of exoticism and elegance is ideal to sublimate a well-maintained garden.

Its soft and comforting shape allows you to enjoy long hours of relaxation and relaxation.

  • Very trendy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to move
  • None identified yet


Kresdy: solid and pleasant


This standing garden swing has a subtle design that is relaxing just looking at it. It has a white steel structure, cushions and a hanging chair in woven poly rattan resin.

True, its general design is similar to that of the Resin Wicker Espresso, but the colors are a little less “neutral”. But I think it’s still quite elegant, and more or less easy to marry with different types of interior.

This hanging garden chair is the perfect companion to relax in the open air and perform a relaxation session after a hard day’s work. 
Its finesse design makes this garden accessory conducive to spending hours of relaxation, relaxation or reading and allows it to be installed almost anywhere, whether in the garden, on the terrace or in a living room etc.

The “cocoon” is braided with beautiful ornaments of synthetic rattan “poly rattan” of excellent quality, which I like a lot, but what is even better is that it is solid.

Indeed, its frame in thermo-lacquered steel is very robust and ensures optimal stability to this hanging garden chair. It is suspended from support in white steel tubes so that it has a relatively long life.

By weight, this swing can support up to 160 kg, which is more than enough. The frame of this hanging chair is approximately 202 cm high.

The foot is about 102 cm while the steel tube is 4.5 cm in diameter. 
The hanging chair itself is about 100 cm in diameter and has a depth of 65 cm, which allows any adult to settle comfortably. 
Weighing 29 kg, this hanging chair is easy to lift for an adult if you ever want to move it to another room.

The cushions of this hanging chair are both soft and removable to ensure optimal sitting comfort, thanks to its round shape and padded supports, which are very flexible and make this chair a pleasant and comfortable place .

As an added bonus, an extra cushion is provided to support your neck! No more torticollis due to a bad position!

Finally, this hanging chair is very easy to maintain and mount (instructions and mounting material provided)! You will not be disappointed by this elegant and comfortable chair!

  • Affordable price
  • Simple to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • No reconciled at the moment


The best high-end hanging chairs

These chairs are the end of the end of the hanging chairs and are able to satisfy everyone if we have the appropriate budget.

Amazonas Globo: the best high-end


This moving wheelchair can support a weight of up to 120 kg. Made of spruce wood of excellent quality that does not emit any unwanted smell, it comes with a soft cotton cushion.

This accessory offers the possibility of being fixed to installations or even to appropriate hooks. In addition, it is perfectly suited for outdoor use, which allows you, for example, to hang it on a (very large) tree, as long as you have equipped a suitable hook.

The fittings of this hanging chair are made of stainless steel, which is very convenient in case of bad weather. It is 121 cm x 118 cm x 69 cm and is perfect for an adult or one or two children.

It is recommended to install this chair at least at 1 meter 75, to be able to benefit fully and safely. Weighing 20 kg, it can easily be moved and hung elsewhere if you wish. Comes in kit, it is of childlike simplicity to be assembled.

Easy to clean, this chair can be simply cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or by brushing it more conventionally. Personally, it’s more than an advantage, because who likes to spend hours cleaning an armchair and trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to recover spots? We agree, nobody.

However, be careful of the cushions in case of bad weather because they are not waterproof, so it will be necessary to cover them or to bring them indoors when the weather is covered.

  • Supplied with quality cushions
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to maintain
  • A little expensive


Tigan: a comfortable floral design


This hanging chair has an ovoid design ideal for a person. It is designed to turn and swing, allowing it to suit all tastes in terms of relaxation.

Made of synthetic rattan and with a padded polyester cushion, it also offers a seat belt to prevent falls and other accidents (well thought out, especially if one of your children slips there). The support, cushion and seat are all dark gray and the seat has the good taste to be endowed with intertwined floral motifs of the most beautiful effect.

Weighing 21.9 kg, this accessory will not be too difficult to transport from one room to another or from the inside to the outside.

The seat is 120 cm x 80 cm x 64 cm. The seat cushion and back cushion are of sufficient size for one person. Easily detachable, it can be transported according to everyone’s desires.

This hanging chair is very weather resistant, making it an impeccable accessory for outdoor use, no need to return whenever the weather turns bad! The manufacturer recommends covering this accessory in the winter to protect it if you decide to keep it outside.

The manufacturer insists that this seat is designed for a person and is released from any liability if an accident occurs when this suspended chair is used by more than one person (a person whose maximum weight must not exceed 120). kg).

So here we have a good chair, quality, design, easy to clean and transport. In short, a nice purchase to make, even if you can not get together with two.

  • Comfortable
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily transportable
  • For one person only



If you are looking for a hanging chair, you will need to consider some parameters that will be of great use. Here are the points to consider in choosing the best hanging chair for you.  

The weight

The weight of the hammock or the hanging chair plays an important role in the estimation of its general value and this especially if you will have to move this chair all around your house. So be sure to choose a model that you will be able to move in case of need, if only to avoid the inconvenience due to rain for example.


The second thing you will need to consider is the durability of the hanging chair before you even buy it. Since most people prefer to take it with them on trips, it can become a necessity very quickly.

Also, be careful that they are resistant to snowfall and at all times somewhat difficult.

The cost

Finally, when it comes to choosing a hanging chair, it is better to plan a good budget. Make sure you buy an accessory with a reasonable price.

It is better to choose a recognized brand with an excellent reputation that will cost a little more than a hanging chair of lower quality that will not last more than 6 to 8 months.

Your preferences

When it comes to buying a hanging chair, remember that this accessory is declined in different types of very different aspects. Their common point however is that they are all designed to ensure comfort and fun.

In general, a chair that can swing gives a feeling of comfort very welcome. Among these different types of hanging chairs, here are the few categories that can be recognized.

Outdoor and indoor chairs

All outdoor accessories can be used indoors, but the opposite is not always true: the materials of which these chairs are made are not the same!

So do not cry if your chair rust outdoors if it was originally intended to be placed indoors: everything in its place, you will do much better!

The hammock chairs with a hanging basket

These hammock chairs can be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the materials that compose them. Be sure to look at the type of material (fabric, rope, rattan …) before placing type of chair outdoors, at the risk of being entitled to bad surprises …

In addition, you must also pay attention to the comfort of this hammock chair, its goal first!  

Special suspended chairs

They are designed especially for children, to ensure both comfort and safety.

As we can see here, choosing a hanging chair that suits you is not necessarily as simple as it seems at first glance, but we hope that with this comparison and this short guide you will have all the tools in hands to make the choice that suits you the most.

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